New investing solutions.
Because money also has the right to grow.

Generate passive income by investing into digital tokens representing a real-life asset and earn up to 10%* on a yearly basis.

We sold out all FIN tokens issued as part of our first initial coin offering. If you wish to be informed about future issuance of tokens, we invite you to create an account on our platform.

Published auditor report

As a factoring company, Finspot is subject to external audit. Auditor report for 2020. can be downloaded here, while the report for 2021 can be downloaded here.

Licensed factoring company

Factoring is regulated by the Law on Factoring and Finspot operates in accordance with the approval of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia under number 401-00-05877/2020-16.

SEC approved whitepaper

Digital tokens are regulated by the Digital Property Act. Our whitepaper has been approved by the Commission for Securities Exchange licence number 9/2-101-1545/6-22.



We believe in clean business and transparency.

As a team of experienced engineers and proven experts in the field of finance and law, we have developed the first Serbian online factoring platform, which allows businesses to finance invoices in record time.

We have been recognized as the best fintech start-up by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

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Start with ease.

Finspot is created to work for you, no matter if you are an experienced investor or you are just staring.

Open and verify an account, buy Finspot tokens, select an “index” to invest and relax while your money is working for you.


In just 4 easy steps, invest your money and start earning some of the highest returns on the market.

01 Open and verify an account

Provide basic contact information to start the accreditation process. We ll need to verify you identity, address and bank account. Finspot support will contact you after you open an account to take you through the verification process.

02 Setup account

Add your bank account, open a new blockchain wallet or add an existing one.

03 Buy tokens

Buy tokens with a simple e-banking transaction of RSD to the FInspot account. After the initial offering is completed, you will automatically receive tokens in your blockchain wallet.

04 Invest

Select your investment indexes and confirm with a simple transaction to create your first investment.



Start earning some of the highest return on the market.

Investing in FInspot tokens can be an attractive addition to any portfolio.

Invoice factoring of the SME sector offers attractive long-term returns when compared to bank deposits or popular stock indexes or real estate.


faktoring srbija






*Pre tax. Please consult our whitepaper for more details on taxation of our digital token.

**Promotional short-term index available only for the first investment cycle.

Make an impact.

New investment platform.

Invest and directly support the SME sector and the broader economy.

Money invested into Finspot tokens is directly used to finance invoices of small and medium enterprises which directly help the survive and grow!


Frequently asked questions

The initial offer starts on June 15, 2022 at 08:00 and lasts for 14 days, that is it ends on June 28, 2022 at midnight.

In order to buy tokens, you first need to register on Finspot platform and go through the accreditation process. After successful accreditation, you need to set up your bank account and blockchain wallet on the platform, and after that you can make a FIN token purchase.

For now, FIN token can be purchased on the Finspot platform by paying the RSD equivalent to the Finspot account, where one FIN token amounts to RSD 1.000,00. Purchased FIN tokens can be invested in indexes offered by Finspot or sold back to Finspot. It is not possible to buy / sell it for another token, nor is it possible to send it to someone other than Finspot.

An investor can sell his FIN tokens to Finspot only if they are not invested in an index. If an investor has invested his FIN tokens in an index, he can sell them to Finspot only after the index expires.

The individuals holding FIN tokens are required to pay capital income tax on the interest earned from FIN tokens, and the income tax rate is 15%. The payment of taxes will be made by Finspot to the competent authority on behalf of the investor. At the same time the remaining profit will be paid directly to the investor. Apart from capital income tax there are no other tax obligation for the investor.

You can. If the change of bank account or wallet address is made after the purchase of the FIN token, it is necessary to contact Finspot support by sending a request to change the bank account or wallet address from Finspot platform.

Minimum amount for the purchase of FIN tokens is 10.000,00 RSD, or 10 FIN tokens.

Maximum amount is currently available amount of FIN tokens that have not been sold, and you can see this information on the Finspot platform, within the form for buying FIN tokens.

According to the basic attributes, blockchain technology implies the responsibility of the token owner to keep a secret key that allows access to his blockchain wallet. In case of loss of the secret key, no one, not even the issuer, can provide access to the blockchain wallet, and therefore the tokens that are in such a wallet. Given the nature of the Finspot token and the closed ecosystem in which it is used, as well as the fact that all holders are accredited, Finspot may in such situations have proof of the actual owner of the token and refund it for a fee in case of loss of a secret key and onlz after the investment cycle of index if they are invested in.

Based on the business done so far and the measures taken during the development of the FIN token, Finspot believes that the risk of investing in FIN token is very low.

You can see more about the business and technological risks that exist in the white paper on our website.

In addition to the Finspot wallet that you can open on our platform, you can also use other wallets that support custom ERC20 token on Polygon network such as MetaMask wallet, Alpha wallet and Trust wallet. If you use a wallet other than those listed, please notify Finspot support to confirm if it can be used for FIN token.


Finspot was recognized as innovative solution by

This project is indirectly funded by the “Horizon 2020” program of the European Union for research and innovation through the accelerator program Block.IS (grant no. 824509).