Finance your invoices in as little as 24 hours

Financing is realized after registration and submission of necessary documentation. Open an account and find out how to finance your invoices quickly and easily.

Improve business liquidity!

Our mission is to improve the liquidity of small and medium enterprises

Lack of liquidity is a common cause of instability in small and medium enterprises. Temporary difficulties with a long time for collection of receivables or accelerated growth are no longer a problem.


What does factoring mean for your business?

Better relationships with your buyers

Longer payment terms give you a more comfortable relationship with all customers.

Stronger growth

Release working capital and invest in business

More efficient daily operations

Focus on your business without worrying about the company's liquidity.


Turn your invoices into cash in four easy steps.

01 Account opening and verification

Provide basic information about your company (name, VAT number or ID number) and verify account.

02 Signing the contract and activating the account

When opening an account and before activating the financing option, it is necessary to meet the formal legal requirements - signing a general factoring agreement and downloading the necessary documentation.

03 Invoice upload and financing

Based on the uploaded invoices, credit analysis is carried out and funding limits are approved.

04 Repayment of the financed amount

After the invoice is collected from your customer, the remaining invoice amount is paid into your account.

Direct factoring with recourse

Finance invoices to your local as well as international buyers. All companies are eligible to apply regardless of size and years of operation.

Supply chain financing

Product is used to finance the procurement of stocks and raw materials from domestic and international suppliers. Companies with a turnover of over EUR 1 million are eligible to apply.

How much does invoice financing cost?

This calculator is provided for informational purposes only.
Gross invoice amount (RSD)

505.000,00 RSD

Length of financing in days


The amount you receive immediately:

404.000,00 RSD

The amount paid to you after the invoice is collected:

65.650,00 RSD

Total financing cost:

35.350,00 RSD



They said about Finspot

"As the winner of the startup accelerator of the French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce in 2018, the startup Between (Creator of Finspot) won a one-year mentoring program by members of our Board of Directors in all aspects of business: legal, marketing, financial and project, in order to further develop their business. The whole team behind the FinSpot platform, composed of young people, mostly of economists, showed not only creativity in the development of their idea, but also a professional approach in working and communicating with mentors and potential clients. We believe that they are on the right path to realize their goals and break into the fintech market."

Sanja Ivanić, General manager French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

“Between d.o.o.” (Creator of Finspot) participated in the Elevator Lab Challenge 2018 in Serbia, one of the largest startup accelerator programs in the SEE region organized by Raiffeisen International with the aim of identifying and hiring promising fintech startups, applying and testing their solutions across a network of 13 countries. With an innovative solution based on blockchain technology, "Between doo" won the first prize according to the votes of a jury consisting of senior industry experts and thus qualified to join the semifinals of the Elevator Lab and compete with the 30 best fintech startups from the SEE region in a competition of 300+ startups. We are pleased to recommend "Between d.o.o." as a young and promising team that develops the company, but also as a reliable partner."

Raiffeisen bank

Questions & Answers

Factoring is a financial service in which the factor (Finspot d.o.o.) pays you money in advance for an invoice issued on deferred payment to another legal entity or entrepreneur. Thanks to factoring, you have the funds immediately, without having to wait for payment from the customer. The money can be used for any purpose.
You issue an invoice for goods or services to your customer on deferred payment and you upload up your invoice on the Finspot platform. Then you send a financing request. After approval, you notify the customer of the change of creditor and we finance the invoice by paying an advance payment, up to 80%. Your buyer pays the bill to Finspot and we pay you the rest of the money less the fee.
All companies that have a customer invoice with a satisfactory credit rating.
What information do we need for credit analysis? To evaluate the creditworthiness of your company, we use all publicly available financial statements, bank statements and invoices uploaded on the platform.
Using state-of-the-art algorithms, we have completely automated the processing of your financial requirements.
Invoice amount is limited by the amount of your credit limit.
After financing the invoice, Finspot is obliged to notify your customer of the change of creditor. Finspot will never communicate with your customers without your approval.
All invoices financed on our platform are with the recourse, which means the supplier is still responsible for collecting funds from the buyer while Finspot solely provides liquidity.
It’s not! Factoring is a source of financing for your business but it has many advantages over traditional borrowing from banks. By using factoring, you do not incur any additional debt, but only you’re your receivables into money in the bank account. Factoring services are not registered in the credit bureau or in the balance sheets of your customer and you. Finspot d.o.o. simply pays you an advance for your deferred invoices issued at the time of contracting the factoring transaction, and on the due date of the invoice, your customer simply pays the invoice to Finspot d.o.o., instead of paying you.
In the event that the invoice which was subject of factoring transaction, after maturity is paid directly to the supplier instead of to the account of Finspot d.o.o., the supplier simply forwards these funds to the correct account, ie the factoring company.
No, by clicking on the ‘Open Account’ button in the upper right corner you can easily open an account and take all the necessary steps to finance your invoices.
The subject of factoring may be invoices for which: 1) The supplier has performed a service or delivered goods and which has been accepted and confirmed by the buyer. 2) The buyer is a legal entity, not a private person. 3) Payment deadline is not shorter than 5 days
When you open an account, we define a financing limit and within that you can request payment of as many invoices as you want. For example, if your general limit is 5,000,000 dinars, the gross amount of all invoices you finance cannot exceed 5,000,000 dinars.

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This project is indirectly funded by the “Horizon 2020” program of the European Union for research and innovation through the accelerator program Block.IS (grant no. 824509).